Maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle involves three key components 1) Nutrition 2) Moving More and 3) Sleep (or more simply put Eat, Exercise and Sleep).At healthpro: Nutrition and Exercise Specialists we see consistently in our clinic that once our clients learn how to balance their nutrients for their body’s requirements, move their body progressively and sleep on average 8 hours per night we notice that their metabolism accelerates providing them with more energy and their body composition (Weight, body fat and body circumference) begins to change to where their body can perform most optimally.The Bagel Bar gives you the opportunity to exceed in at least one of the above three components, namely nutrition. The Bagel Bar are proud to offer you the nutrient breakdown of each of their signature bagels to help you to achieve your nutrient balance (have a look at here) . We believe that the nutrients provided for you in their signature bagels, salads and smoothies will help boost your health and vitality.The Bagel Bar is the ideal food outlet for a snack (< 300 kcals), light bite (300 – 500 kcals) or a main meal (500 – 800 kcals). They offer a range of products that cater for your requirements. If you are looking for a light bite (300 – 500 calories) we recommend the following tasty signature bagels that are all less than 500 calories. Sit down and enjoy your bagel.

The TOP 5 Bagels that are less than 500 calories

No 5 – The Maui Bagel at only 463 calories is an ideal way to increase your fish consumptionNo 4 – The Ploughmans Bagel at only 391 calories is spectacularly seedy aiming to boost your antioxidant intakeNo 3 – At 397 calories the Specialist is a bacon delightNo 2 – The Mexicana 391 calories will pack a great punch yielding approximately 30g of protein per servingThe No 1 signature lowest signature calorie bagel at The Bagel Bar is the Bangkok at 360 calories and yielding only 4.4g of fat per serving. The perfect light bite.At healthpro: Nutrition and Exercise Specialsts we want you to remember that calories are our units of energy. With out sufficient energy we cannot perform efficiently. Always consume your units of energy (Calories) to your nutrient requirements the Department of Health recommends that women consume 2000 calories per day and men 2500 calories per day. Yours in health and wellbeing,HarrietteHarriette LynchConsultant Dietitian and Exercise SpecialisthealthproBA Ec / Soc, BSc Nut / Diet, M.I.N.D.I., N.C.E.H.S., REPSTel: 086 4119222Web: @healthpro_ Facebook Profile: be advised that the nutrition information given in this article is given in good faith and is intended for those who are free from ill health. If you require further information on how to boost your health please contact a member of the healthpro team on 086 4119222 or email alternatively contact your GP and ask to be referred to your local dietitian.