The Bagel Bar are proud to provide the nutrition label for all of their signature bagels. The labels created by healthpro: Nutrition and Exercise Specialists are designed to help you to understand the nutritional value and benefits of consuming their bagels, toasties, panini’s or smoothies. Understanding what we are consuming has never been more important.The nutrition label as highlighted below shows you what you are consuming per 100g, per serving and also percentage of the recommended daily value. Calories are our units of energy which are essential to sustain our energy levels through out the day. It is strongly recommended that women consume approximately 2000 calories per day and men consume 2500 calories.West Coast NutritionThe nutritional label above represents the West Coast Bagel. The rows highlight all the essential macro nutrients that are key to help us to achieve optimum health. It is important that we consume through out the day a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre.Food Label per 100gThe benefit of knowing the per 100g value (highlighted above) is that you can compare this product against any other product. If you are trying to decide whether the product is low in fat or low in sugar or whether it is good source of protein then you would see how much is yielded by  per 100g of that product.If you would like to know the nutritional yield of the product as it is served then please note the per serving column (the third column from the left and highlighted below).Picture 44Above you will notice that this bagel (The West Coast) will yield you 506 calories  – that’s only 506 units of energy. This is only 25% of a woman’s daily intake (shown by the 4th column) or 20% of a man’s daily intake. The West Coast bagel is ideal as one of our three main daily meals yielding 20.7 grams of protein and 59.2 grams of Carbohydrate and only 8.5 grams of sugar.Knowing what you are eating gives you the knowledge and the power to give you every opportunity to make the best possible decision about your nutritional intake. Through using the nutritional labels as available to you on this website you can consume the best for your requirements.Please be advised that the nutrition information given in this blog is given in good faith and is intended for those who are free from ill health. If you require further information on how to boost your health please contact a member of the healthpro team on 086 4119222 or email Alternatively contact your GP and ask to be referred to your local dietitian.Enjoy your bagel, HarrietteHarriette LynchConsultant Dietitian and Exercise SpecialisthealthproBA Ec / Soc, BSc Nut / Diet, M.I.N.D.I., N.C.E.H.S., REPSWeb: http://www.healthpro.ieFacebook: