Franchising is statistically the best method yet devised to combine the independence and initiative of individual ownership with the strength and leadership of the organised group. In The Bagel Bar Coffee House we do everything we can to help you succeed. However, we recognise, as you must, that you are the single most important factor in your own success.

Q. How Can I Obtain The Bagel Bar Coffee House Franchise?

A. Fill out and submit the franchise enquiry form. If you qualify, then we can begin the progress leading to your own Bagel Bar  Coffee House franchise operation. Many excellent locations and opportunities are still available.

Q. What Is The Initial Franchise Fee And The Continuing Service And Royalty Fee?

A. The initial franchise fee is €20,000. A €10,000 deposit is paid initially with the balancing amount payable when the franchise agreement is signed. Once a Franchisee opens for business a royalty fee – 5% of stores turnover / sales is payable. A further 2% of turnover / sales is payable into our marketing fund. All of this marketing fund is used to advertise and promote the stores and brand.

Q. How Long Does My Franchise Last?

A. The initial term is 15 years, after which you may renew for an additional 10 year period subject to the current franchise terms in place at the renewal date.

Q. Am I Given Territorial Protection?

A. Yes. We will mutually agree and establish a marketing territory, in which you will have exclusive rights.

Q. Do I Lease The Premises?

A. In some cases The Bagel Bar Coffee House will acquire the head lease on a property and offer a licence agreement to trade from the property. In most cases the franchisee will have the lease in their own name / company name.

Q. Do I Receive Training From The Bagel Bar Coffee House?

A. Yes. Franchisee’s must attend and successfully complete a four week training programme at one of The Bagel Bar Coffee House outlets. The cost of this training is included in your initial franchise cost.

Q. What Type of Operational Guidance Will I Receive?

A. In addition to your training, you will receive The Bagel Bar Coffee House Operations Manual covering the many important aspects of your operation. You will also receive a food safety manual and a health & safety manual. These manuals are updated regularly and revisions will be made available to you.

Q. Do I Buy My Food Ingredients and Supplies From You?

A. You purchase bagels and other proprietary supplies through the franchise company. All of these proprietary products and all other items are purchased from specific third party nominated suppliers, to ensure the product supplied in all stores is of a standardised high quality.

Q. What About Advertising?

A. Each of The Bagel Bar Coffee House stores contributes 2% of its store turnover / sales for The Bagel Bar Coffee House advertising and promotional programmes. This money shall be used for the development of The Bagel Bar Coffee House brand and to advertise the stores within the brand.

Q. Can I Sell My Franchise?

A. Yes. Like any other business, you can sell your operation to any buyer approved by The Bagel Bar Coffee House Franchise Co. There is a transfer fee for administrative, legal and training expenses to effect the transfer

Q. How Soon Can I Be In Operation Once I have Been Accepted As A Franchise?

A. Since you need a suitable location prior to training, we would estimate that you could be in operation within 2 – 6 months of signing the Franchise Agreement.

Q. How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

A. Your profit and loss will depend on a number of factors such as your area, the amount of time you spend on the job, how good a businessperson you are, and market conditions. Naturally, as in any business venture, there is no guarantee as to success and profitability. We help minimise your risk by giving you the benefit of a well-organised system and concept.

Q. I Would Like To Study Your Franchise Agreement. Will You Send Me One?

A. Our franchise agreement is a valuable document, which we do not distribute indiscriminately. However, once you have had a personal meeting with our Representative, and paid an initial booking deposit of €10,000 we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the franchise agreement. Upon receiving your franchise contract you have 30 days for your nominated solicitor to check through the contract and agree the terms after which your deposit is non refundable. This deposit is deductible from the €20,000 franchise licence fee.

Q. I’m Ready To Go. What Do I Do?

A. First, fill out the Franchise Application Enquiry Form and submit it to us. Upon receipt, you will be contacted to set up a personal meeting with our Representative.

We have attempted to answer the most commonly asked questions about The Bagel Bar Coffee House. We are sure you must have a few we have not covered, so please feel free to ask our Representative any questions at all.

Thank you for your interest. You may reach us by calling:

Dublin: Tel: +353 1 469 3725 Fax: +353 1 469 3115


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